FAQ and Help


What type of materials that you used?

We use different kind of materials. Please refer to the information attached in each product information.


What is my size?

Please refer to the SIZING CHART. You have to measure your size carefully before placing any order/s.

We are not responsible if you place the wrong size for yourself.


Do you have any stores where I can try on your products?

No, we do not have any physical stores unless when we participate in special events.


Where do you get your products?

All of our products are designed and made by ourselves. We focused on the exclusivity of our products.



Do I have to sign up before making the order?

Yes, you can only make the order if you already have a profile in this site.


If I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

You can click Forgotten Password link and follow the instructions.


Is my information secure using this site?

Yes, we used the latest technology to ensure the security of your information.



How to make the order?

Please refer to the HOW TO ORDER link or contact us if you have any question/s.


How do I know that my order has been sent?

Please refer to TRACK YOUR ORDER link in order to know the status of your order or you can go to your order/s status and history in your account.


I am interested in one item but it has sold out, could I still order it?

Please contact us for more information.


Can my order be cancel?

No, your order CAN NOT BE CANCELLED after you have confirmed your payment.



If I buy a lot of items, how do you calculate the shipping fees?

The shipping fees will be calculated based on the weight of your order. You can find the information of the weight in each product details.


Can my order be shipped to different address than the address in my profile?

No, we will only send your orders to the address that you have filled in your account. Please input the most accurate and complete information when making an account in our Website.


How long will it take to receive my order?

It will be depend on many other things. You will receive email about your order status or you can TRACK YOUR ORDER and please kindly contact us for more details.



What method/s of payment that you accept?

We receive Bank Transfer for Domestic Customers and PayPal that could be used for International Customers only.


What happened if I have made the payment but I forget to confirm my payment?

Please remember to confirm your payment after you have done your payment, otherwise we do not know that you have done your payment and we could cancel your order. We will give 3 (three) days for you to make the payment.



How do I contact you?

Please refer to contact us link.


What should I do if I do not receive my order?

You can check your order status by clicking TRACK YOUR ORDER in our Website or please contact us for more information.


How do I get recent updates or news about your new collection or events?

Please sign up for our newsletter, like our facebook page and follow our twitter. You will get updated news and information about Sweet Peony Collection.